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Pagan Music Awards 2017 Comments

I spent June 8 at the International Pagan Music Association’s First Annual Pagan Music Awards ceremony. It was an absolute blast, and Rowena Whaling, David Wood, and Serpentyne took home beautiful and well-deserved awards. I had the honor of bestowing the very first Nine Toes the Bard Community Service Award to the lovely Amanda Bell for opening her heart and home to the independent Pagan musicians who travel through her neck of the woods. I also had a chance to spend time with the beautiful Virginia Ackley who was a nominee for Female Vocalist of the Year. We shared music, hugged old friends, and some of us met for the first time in person – and it was an amazing evening. I LOVE the Pagan musician community. We support each other, and the love flows from our hearts out to all those who share our music and then flows right back to us tenfold! Big thanks to Melissa Anderson for dreaming big and making this REAL! Thank you to our hosts at Wite Rayvn, Alfred Willowhawk and Willo’ Wellspring for providing such a wonderful space (and rockin’ new stage) for this gathering of musicians and music lovers. Thank you to Ember Joe Funderburk and Monvel Mystic Askew for the pro sound and lights that made all of us sound and look so damned awesome all evening. I know I’m forgetting someone(s) and I apologize. I’m ready to do it all again next year!
How are you spending your Summer? Hope you are doing something fabulous! Gina LaMonte

Last night was a really big deal for me. I was invited to the International Pagan Music Association awards, and I got to hear some musicians I’d never heard before! Holy moly! David Wood, Rowena of the Glen, Ginger Ackley. And, I heard some of Mama Gina’s new songs. I also got to meet Melissa Anderson. She works so hard to promote and support our pagan musicians. She’s a powerhouse and I want to be her new bff.
The awards were held at Alfred Willowhawk’s Wite Ravyn Metaphysical Church. It’s gorgeous down there. Just stunning. Beautiful sacred spaces, Labyrinth, statues peeking out of lush greenery, envy-worthy stage, a fantastic bathhouse. I loved it.

In addition to all that fabulousness, the awards show was so fun! We got to listen to several songs by each artist in attendance. And then…the thing. I received an award. The Nine Toes the Bard Community Service Award. This was for my work within the pagan music community.
I cried my eyeliner right off. I’m so honored to be able to work with the talented folks in this community. And, my tongue gets all tied up when I try to talk about this. It’s such a beautiful award, and the physical award is stunning. ❤️
Thank you, Melissa and Alfred, for this lovely thing that you’re doing for our musicians.
And, thank you Gina, for your kind and generous heart. Amanda Bell

Great Fun, awesome site, awesome show, awesome stage, awesome people – DJ

So much fun, and a blessing! Wow! I LOVED it – RM

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