About the Award

The Pagan Music Award is a 24″ lead crystal statue that has been hand crafted especially for the IPMA. It is engraved with the Award title and the name of the musician or group that has received the award. It will only be available to the winners of the award!

These awards are given to the musicians and groups who meet the specific criteria of Lifetime Achievement, Upcoming Musician, Best single performer, and Best Group performers, and Special Achievement. The finalists and ultimate winners are chosen by our 12 member board and all the personal members of the IPMA and are individuals and groups who have made a significant contribution to Pagan and Alternative music as well as demonstrated through their music that they teach all people the power of music in healing through music, and  promote communication, understanding, and goodwill among the individual members of the Wiccan, Pagan, and religious communities , between those members and the general public while fighting intolerance and prejudice brought on by misconceptions of our faith;  promoting respect for Mother Earth and all her children (humans, animals, plants, etc.), environmental concerns, and to strive for balance and responsibility in all our lives.