My first spiritual teacher found me when I was 21. I joined my first druid circle in the north end of Seattle back then.
 series of events happened that gave me free studio time. So started praying to the Divine mother I called the Goddess.
Asking what she wanted me to write about she gave me these songs, channeling, lyrics and Melody’s. Nine songs were created for the earth and the album is called Awakening. 

Many people helped to make this album a reality including Gary Steelman after I sang one of my songs, he wrote the chords. We got some free studio time and I produced an album. I sold them in those days via cassette tape at festivals.

Jump ahead to age 61, 35 years later, I finally learned to play the guitar. My love for singing and the muse of the Goddess, continues to assist me today in writing new music. My plans are to tour this summer and share my music at festivals and other venues.


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