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Why the Silence, Why not Mind
There is a quote ” Those that speak do not know and those that know do not speak” There are those that have reached that have tried to speak… but always must say there are not adequate words… you cannot describe That Which Is or the Constant or God beyond Form or the Source…. it is impossible.. many have tried but it becomes a lesson in futility… through trying the great works such as the vivekchudamani and the ashtavakra gita came into being….now the answer as to why it is impossible….
Because the Word is thought… and word and thought are creation… and creation is duality… All words connotate form…. even those that state formless just give another quality to form…. Mind and thought create the Maya Realm of form and the transient… That Which Is the Constant is beyond all division and duality and form… So when you speak Maya comes into existance… The moment you speak you are separate from That Which Is…

So now how to reach…. That is why the Silence… inner silence… why emotions and mind and thought must stop…. only then will you go beyond the intellect… only then can you reach the un-reachable… only in the silence… when mind and thought stop…. then you go beyond to that which Is… then you go beyond the transient to the Constant….

In silence the world of Maya ends… in non-thought then true knowledge IS…. in Pure Awareness that which is Reality Is…. to reach you must be willing to drop the world of the transient that you have held so dear… the fear that you cease to exist is unfounded… for you will find that while that which is seen as personality ends…. you are One in the lap of reality… You are what the transient world proceeds from… You are the Essence of Existance and beyond Existance… then if you desire personality and form go for it… for you will find you are and have always been free…. this is Moksha… to finally understand that there is Nothing that you need freedom from…. that it was and is All only a play of mind in the ever-changing transient
realms… realms of desire and experience… The dream state of Maya…
realization is beyond experience…. although experience is the closest word of duality to explain Being in That… Experience has a beginning and an end… and truth has no beginning nor end… Self has never been born nor has ever died… although it sustains and gives life and meaning to form the experience of form does not touch it…. you are the perfection untouched by any experience of form and Maya…. just as you are untouched by your dreams at night… the You of Self is untouched by the Maya realm of dream and mind…

Go within to the Silence…. drop the thought… just observe… have no pre-conceptions…. Just BE!!!!

Those that know do not speak – for in speaking you call forth existence…
And those that speak do not know….
That which is is beyond conventional language and ideations of duality.
for in speaking you separate yourself into ego form and are separated from the pure awareness of Now beyond form and Maya…. In the Silence you Are – you cannot not KNOW when you are in rational thought and mind processess….
Stay in the silence beyond mind and thought – once you reach it is possible to stay in the silence… but be aware if desire comes you will once again drop into mind and Maya… but you will know that it is only a game… so have no fear…. Continue on dropping the illusions….

Love and Blessings