Lou Garou is an Appalachian Land Steward and musician. He has a relationship with what he calls the “Little People.” In his own words:

“When I bought the farm, I made a promise to the Little People,” he said. “There would be no trees cut in this area. No hunting. No domestic animals. I have kept that promise for almost forty years now. Moreover, the only thing I do there is to sit and watch nature, write, play my guitar, and yes, dream.”

He has indeed kept that promise.   Music is his passion and his first love. He has been in witchcraft since he was 16 years old, and his music shows a depth of personal understanding of his relationship with every aspect of his life.

His music is heartfelt yet simple. It weaves his magic around you, and you see where his inspiration comes from and how he lives in harmony with all around him.

Two of Garou’s newest songs, “Magick All Around Us,” and “Rise Up Lilith,” are great examples of Lou’s integration of faith, practice, and music.

He is unique and a great addition to the artists of the IPMA.

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