Taz Defiant (he/him) is a name that’s starting to generate some serious buzz in musical circles in and around the New York area. If you aren’t familiar with the name yet, don’t worry, you will be in due course. The 28 year old guitar virtuoso hails from Long Island by way of Coram, New York and picked up his ax at the age of 12 and hasn’t looked back since. Before he began setting the fretboard aflame, he first played the trumpet. You’ll hear a few jazz runs here and there that are an ode to his first instrument.

Defiant cut his teeth playing with a number of bands from the local Coram and Long Island music scenes. As the Tasmanian Devil, a moniker Defiant was given as a nod to his supersonic string-bending, was beginning to develop his singular style, he was also beginning to develop a reputation for his inimitable improvisation as well as his phenomenal fret-work and remarkable riffs.

To uncover the reason that Taz Defiant’s intricate improvisation and soaring riffs are sonically singular, one need look no further than the musical predecessors from which he draws his influence and inspiration. To say his musical tastes are eclectic would be a serious understatement. His modern day influences include Nightwish, Goldfinger, AFI, and Him.

For as long as he can recall, he’s been a fan of classical music and the symphonies that perform it. Anyone that listens to his fret work can close their eyes and envision a conductor putting an orchestra through its paces. His riffs and runs are complex and vivid. The complexity is equaled by a precision and focus that fans of the classical genre will recognize and appreciate.

Defiant is signed with up and coming New York producer, a stellar artist in her own right, Arizona Lindsey. The pair are currently working on Defiant’s debut album entitled “Not My Burden.” The first single off of the record is called “A Devil Inside” and will be available for download and streaming on January 10, 2023. Taz Defiant is just beginning to make his mark on the musical landscape. His refined ear and unparalleled skill hint at a very bright future. When Beethoven said, “The guitar is a miniature orchestra in itself,” he couldn’t have known it in the moment, but Taz Defiant is the conductor of that particular symphony.

Hailing from Long Island by way of Coram, New York, Taz Defiant (he/him) is a guitar virtuoso with symphonic sensibilities. Defiant’s soaring riffs are electrifying expressions that are an unexpected union of musical elements that, on the surface, seem as different as night and day. Think Metallica unioned with Mozart. Known as the Tasmanian Devil, a nod to his supersonic string-bending, Defiant is currently working on his debut album “Not My Burden” with up and coming New York producer Arizona Lindsey. His highly anticipated debut single “A Devil Inside” is currently available.

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