„Rooted deep into the sweven“

Around the time of Samhain 2005, we began work on our debut album „The Wheel“. Organic and constant, this wheel
turned for twelve whole years and created a cosmos of songs woven from the celtic pagan wheel of the year. Layer
upon layer was opened, slowly growing the work as a whole, as rings grow to form a tree trunk.

This continual transformation of the „Ancient spinning Wheel“ was a welcome guest in our creative process.
The magical combination of the hammered dulcimer and flute forms the foundation of our sound. Epic timbres melt
together into nine pieces saturated through profoundness and time.

An accompaniment of unusual instruments – the Fujara, alpine horn, cow horns, and frame drums -completes the unique, individual soundscape. The solar eclipse of 1999 brought us together on this journey.

We have discovered so much already, yet much remains hidden. However, the Wheel keeps perpetually turning, and
the journey has no end.

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