The IPMA is now four years old. The tireless work of our volunteers has helped the organization to truly follow its mission of supporting esoteric and independent musicians. The increase in artist and associate members has allowed us to grow and further support our artists.

Each year since its inception we have honored the industry and the will of our membership. This organization is totally member-driven and your support is appreciated.

2020 Winners

Best Female                                   Ginger Ackley

Best Male                                       Brian Henke

Best Band                                       Chronilus


2019 Winners

Best Female Artist                         Mama Gina LaMonte

Best Male Artist                             Brian Henke

Best Band                                      Burning Sage


2018 Winners

Best Female Artist                         Rowena of the Glenn

Best Male Artist                             B. WIllie Dryden

Best Band                                       Belthain

2017 Winners

Best Female Artist                         Rowena of the Glen

Best Male Artist                             David Wood

Best Band                                       Serpentyne