Originally from Houston Texas and currently in the Pacific Northwest, they have been dubbed by friends and fans as the Eclectic, Electric, Celtic Harpist, Morganthe has spent the better part of the past decade honing their craft at festivals in the Midwest and beyond. From Summerland Spirit Fest to Earth House Midsummer Gather and more, they’ve enjoyed playing and telling stories to the pagan community. They draw their inspiration from the nature around them, Celtic music, folk songwriters, and a little bit of 90s grunge. Though they are currently focused on finally getting recordings of the work they’ve accumulated, they still prefer the setting in front of a live audience. To Morganthe, music is more than just something you listen to. It’s an experience to be shared, a bridge between souls, and the language of the universe. Their lifelong devotion to music with the encouragement of their family and friends that they developed a love of performing and sharing with their community. Since then, music has been a way of life
Current shows:
August 6th: 11am-2pm @Blue Fox Arcade
August 13th: 11am-2pm @Blue Fox Arcade
August 27th: 2pm-4pm @Farm and Market
September 3rd: 2pm-4pm @Farm and Market
November 12th: TBD @Healing Hearts Psychic Fair
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