Event Horizon


Eboni Nash (Ser ELN) is an electronic music artist, violinist, and music enthusiast all in one. From rock to jazz to hip hop to classical and everything in between, she finds her inspiration in the most remote places of the musical diaspora. Eboni is also the Herald and Paladin to the First Elder of the Correllian Tradition.  She is also the Head of the Order of the Mousai, dedicated to embracing the inner wisdom received through the exploration of music and all its magickal properties, Co-Head of Our Lady of the Healing Fields Temple, and Temple Bard for the Archaic Temple of Arcere.  She is formerly the assistant Editor-in-Chief for the Correllian Times, one of the Tradition’s two monthly publications.  She resides in Missouri with her partner, Abey of 12 years, and her feline familiar Bentley.


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